Friday, January 22, 2016

Brownie Waffles...yup

Brownie Waffles...just saying/typing it gives me the chills! Alex, you didn't happen to combine Lindsay's two favorite things in this entire world did?!?!? Yes...yes I did.

                                                             (Recording the Goodies) 

So at first I wasn't sure about the combo, not so much because of the taste, I knew it would taste great. I was more worried about the consistency or texture. Those worries were not warranted, it was shear perfection! Just imagine a delicious, soft and chewy brownie with a slightly crunchy exterior...yum! 

Now obviously it's marketed for Valentines Day...chocolate and ice cream, yeah I'd say those are all synonymous with V-Day. But it's really a great breakfast treat for anytime, I mean I did make it 1 month before Valentines and it tasted just as good then. So yea, if your a fan of anything delicious and don't mind spending a whopping 10 minutes to make this decadent beauty then check out the recipe on the video below. Until next time my fellow sweet geeks!



Monday, January 11, 2016

Disney Anniversary

Hey guys!!! So Lindsay and I decided to go to Epcot for our 3rd wedding anniversary, of course our anniversary falls on 12/29 so it was the week after Christmas. OMG! Nobody told us how crazy it got over at Disney the week after Christmas, they were at one point turning people away from literally said FULL on the entry sign! However, with MK being so busy it kind of freed up Epcot and Hollywood Studios (had to see the Osborne Lights) so maybe a blessing in disguise???

So we decided to go to Epcot because it just seemed like the best place to indulge a know, a little drink, a little food, for 11 hrs, whats not to love!?! So indulge we did, and it was glorious!

First on our list of must haves was Chik-fil-A (not shown), yes technically this was not in Epcot, but it's tradition! Every time Lindsay and I go to Disney we get Chik-fil-A good! Then a quick trip to Starbucks in Animal Kingdom (not shown), this was technically in Disney so I'm counting it. Eventually we started to hit up some good eats at Epcot, and first up was some delicious grapefruit beer in Germany accompanied by a salted pretzel, this stuff is dangerous! Absolutely, ridiculously good! 

Then we made a trip to Norway to get some sweets and did we hit the jackpot! I had a Troll Horn which was insanely decadent but so worth the calories, lol!

Finally we get to dinner, and we just can't figure out where we wanna go. Do we get steak in Canada, enchiladas in Mexico, or stir-fry in Japan? Well we did neither, we decided to go to Nine Dragons in China and we are so glad we did! We started the meal off with pork dumplings that were out of this world!

Then we dove into the main entrees, Lindsay had Orange Honey Chicken and I had General Tsao's Chicken...mmm...mmm! The best part of the meal, aside from it being delicious, was the service! Our waiter was beyond good! He did everything right and went as far as providing me with spiciest sauces available for my meal. He almost saw me as a challenge, with my heat tolerance being so high he was unsuccessful, but just the fact that he took the time to personalize my experience says a lot of this restaurant and its employees.

Thus concludes our Epcot visit, oh but what a visit it was! Make sure to indulge a little next time you go and be sure to check out the Nine Dragons Restaurant, so worth it and affordable!

Friday, January 8, 2016


Hey guys! It's nice to be back after an unintentional hiatus. Here at Sweet Geeks we will be undergoing somewhat of a face-lift. Now we didn't really decide to do this overnight, but I just wasn't proud of the product we were putting out. So we are revamping some things and serious looking to improve our content...exciting, no? So with that said, expect more regular posts, videos, and just overall content. This is by no means a New Years resolution, it is something that we prayed about for some time. Thanks for sticking around and thank you for reading/watching/subscribing/liking, and all that good stuff!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

21 Day Fix *Freebie included*

Hello dudes and dudettes, major league butt kicking is back in town! Those of you following Lindsay and/or I on social media may already know, but for those of you who don't....we are back on 21 Day Fix! We are both so excited to get our health back on track and we are equally excited to share it with you! 

Now, we've done the 21 Day Fix before and were quite successful. Lindsay lost somewhere around 11-13 lbs. and I lost somewhere around 15-17 lbs. within the 21 days. Pretty good right? The thing is we both stopped after I was offered a position with an insurance company that required me to travel for 3 months straight. Living out of a hotel with no DVD player, constant stress of training for work, not having a gym, and not making healthy choices caused me to gain more weight than I lost. Lindsay fell for similar pitfalls but here we are ready to go at it again. 

Lindsay after 19 days during our last 21 Day Fix
(excuse the base boards, we were remodeling)

Me after 19 day during our last 21 Day Fix
(excuse the base boards, we were remodeling)

Being the foodie that I am made me worry the first time around. I was worried I would have to give up all the foods that I love but that wasn't the case. I didn't/don't have to give up anything I love, I just have to make smart choices and portion better. Once I figured that out it was easy, that is until I moved away for 3 months. But enough about the past, lets talk about the now! We have been on the Fix for 3 days now and I have already lost 6 lbs. and Lindsay has dropped 5 lbs.! I know you always experience quick losses at the beginning, but having gone through this before I know what waits at the end of the fix, a healthier me! 

*Random Dog Pics*

But enough about us, let's talk food!  

I didn't conjure up anything special here folks, no sirree. I did broil the patty which I wouldn't normally do but decided to since it was a cooking option on the box. I must say although it was good, I much prefer the grill and will stick to it from now on. The onions and mushroom were the only other thing that required cooking. Just slice both mushrooms and onions, throw in a pan and measure out 2 tsp of olive oil. Cook for about 5-10 minutes on Med-High or until desired state is reached. Then just top with your favorite veggies and you're done. Wallah! Your very own 21 Day Fix approved turkey burger.   
1 Jennie-O Lean Turkey Patty = 1 Red
1 Arnold (WG) Bun = 2 Yellows
1/4 of an Avocado = 1 Blue
Romaine Lettuce = 1 Green
2 Large tomato slices = 1/2 Green
Sauteed 1/4 Large Onion = 1/2 Green
Sauteed White Mushrooms = 1/2 Green
Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Sautee = 2 TSP
Mustard = 1 TSP (Mustard is a freebie)

*Here's a freebie from my wife over at Just Keep Teaching 

Thanks for swinging by my blog and I'll be sure to post more recipes soon and keep everyone updated on our progress. 
Also, what are some of your favorite 21 Day Fix recipes? Please comment below and let me know, I'm always on the lookout for some new recipes :)

Monday, August 10, 2015

Life Happens

So it's been exactly a month since my last blog post and I gotta say this wasn't intentional. I have no plans on making this a monthly blog, it just kind of happened this month. Between Lindsay and I being sick, tons of church activities and Mistie and Chico (sister-in-law and brother-in-law) surprising us from Abu Dhabi, it has been pretty chaotic. I guess I kind of let time get away from me, but for good reason. Anyways, I promise to post more frequently and to get more videos up soon :)

Now look, I know that all you professional bloggers have a set schedule. That you post on certain days and participate in tons of linkies, which is cool, I've got no beef with you. How could I? My wife is practically a professional blogger and Lord knows I don't want to start beef with her...that's just a battle I cannot win so why try, am I right!?! What I'm getting at is that although I will try to post on set schedules I cannot guarantee a post. You see sometimes life happens and I am a big proponent of putting the tablet, computer, phone, or whatever you use down and soaking up life from time to time. I'm not saying that y'all don't, I'm just saying that I go hardcore when I a month between posts hardcore, lol. Again these were special circumstances so don't expect my posts to be that far apart again, unless this happens again...which is unlikely, at least for awhile. But seriously put the tech down and enjoy the peeps around you from time to time, you won't regret it....unless you put your phone down and then they hijack your camera. God I love my sister-in-laws.

 *Random Dog Pics...enjoy :)*

So as many of you know ALL Cubans love dominoes. It's practically our national pastime, second only to baseball. I grew up playing dominoes and bones which is played using dominoes. But apparently there are more ways to play dominoes...yes it's true. The game is called Mexican Train and it has changed my life forever. Now apparently I was the only one left in the dark because everyone I know, knows about this game...WTH people! How could you knowingly keep this from me for so long! Anyways, we recently played and of course me using my competitive advantage which happens to be that I'm Cuban, won...sure I lost the second game but that was just for fun :P. Regardless, I am now sooooo addicted to this game, if you haven't played it, I highly suggest it for family game night or gatherings of any sort. It plays up to 8 people, 7 of which you may no longer be friends with by the end of the night, lol!

Finally, how can I have a blog post without mentioning some sort of food? The answer is simply that I can't. Now, although we didn't make these decadent beauties it didn't stop them from being delicious. Pictured below are the goodies we picked up from Sweet by Holly Cupcakes during a somewhat impromptu trip to Orlando. Ryan and Jess-e-San (as we like to call her) introduced us to the former Cupcake Wars contestant's bakery and man was it good. We ordered a Key Lime, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Toasted Coconut, and Heath Bar cupcake. No complaints were uttered as we shoved these goodies in our mouths as they served as perfect distractions after a horrendous drive through Orlando traffic. BTW, they do deliver locally so check and see if there is one in your area and try them out...

Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer Fun!

Well hello there all you wonderful people and welcome to our blog, Sweet Geeks! My wife Lindsay and I (Alex) have decided to share our favorite recipes and life with everyone and we hope that you guys will join us for this sure-to-be amazing journey! Well, now that we got introductions out of the way I guess I should get to blogging, huh?

Before we start, we decided to link up with Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons for her Friday Linky Party!

Summer fun, it's a tad cliche sure but does it really matter? I mean it really fits, it's summer and we're having there. So what's making this summer so much fun, you ask? Well food, duh! Food tends to bring out the best in us, it unifies cultures, strangers, and even enemies (not saying food will bring world peace...but what if it did...oh man, I'm going off on a tangent in my own mind...end parenthesis) Phew! ANYWAYS, we decided to stick to the classics this summer, there is are so many chefs and bloggers exploring new concepts and recipes that we just decided to stick to the classics. Now don't get me wrong, we explore all sorts of new concepts and recipes in our laboratory/kitchen but I wanted to stick with traditional least for right now. 

Well I guess it's time for the num num's, that is what y'all have been waiting for after-all. I guess I'll start with desert no wait it's dessert...hold please (googling),,,ok yea it's dessert (my teacher wife is going to kill me). Lindsay loves dessert, it's pretty much her favorite thing short of our dogs, our parents, and myself...probably in that order to, j/k hunny :). So I made a traditional root-beer float and man was it good! It was totally random too, we are at bible baseball at our church DCC in our little ol' town of Newberry, FL and it hit me! A rush of memories from the days of yesteryear, I remember winning our little league pennant and my mom taking me to Father and Son's Pizza in Chicago and treating me to a float. I left church knowing one thing, I needed a float and I needed one bad! So I grabbed some mug root-beer from the gas station and came home on the double. Grabbed two mason jars, some Breyers Vanilla Bean ice cream, and my newly acquired Mug's and went to town! Two scoops of ice cream per 20oz of root-beer = perfection! 

Of course this isn't the only dessert we've made thus far into this wonderful summer. We also made some fun patriotic nummies that we're absolutely delicious and ridiculously simple. Lindsay made some Dipped Pretzel Rods and Dipped S'mores Oreo's...I'm having a sudden Homer Simpson episode....mmmm S'mores Oreo's (definitely made the face and sounds to go along with it). These were such a great idea that we decided to make a video about it. Oh yea, did I mention we have a YouTube channel, no??!?? Well we have a YouTube channel and it's awesome! It's one of the many projects we undertook this summer. I'll post the video of Lindsay making these gems and I suggest checking it out! OMG...look there's the video below!!! Hmmm....I really wanted to use a downward facing arrow just now not sure that I can...hmmm...


So look, here's the deal. I don't know how long blog posts are supposed to be but I told you I'd write about the food we've made and by thunder I will! If this runs long my conventional standards then you have my dearest apologies but I must insist you continue reading :p. So anyways back to the story, I was at the store the other day and I saw this amazing rack. I mean the kind you take home to momma. C'mon guys! Get your mind out of the gutter! I'm talking about ribs, which is exactly what I made for dinner. Grilling is to summer as Christmas is to winter, as Mountain Dew is to gamers, as knick is to knack, ok I'll stop. With that being said ribs and grilling go hand in hand. I mean sure, burgers, hot dogs, steak, all those do as well but there is something special about ribs. Maybe it's my inner neanderthal coming out ala Fred Flinstone. Humph, should of named these ribs Yabba-Dabba-Do Ribs, sorry got side-tracked. So yea I love grilling ribs, I know a lot of people like to smoke them and sure that's great, delicious actually but I just love grilled ribs, plus I don't have a! Check out the video below for my awesome rib is a little long so I won't be offended if you skip around but definitely give it a watch. 

I guess this will conclude our first blog post. I gotta say we are so excited to reach out to everyone and please, please, please feel free to email us or seek us out on social media, we would love to hear feedback! 

What sort of summer creations you guys are conjuring up in your own kitchens?