Friday, January 22, 2016

Brownie Waffles...yup

Brownie Waffles...just saying/typing it gives me the chills! Alex, you didn't happen to combine Lindsay's two favorite things in this entire world did?!?!? Yes...yes I did.

                                                             (Recording the Goodies) 

So at first I wasn't sure about the combo, not so much because of the taste, I knew it would taste great. I was more worried about the consistency or texture. Those worries were not warranted, it was shear perfection! Just imagine a delicious, soft and chewy brownie with a slightly crunchy exterior...yum! 

Now obviously it's marketed for Valentines Day...chocolate and ice cream, yeah I'd say those are all synonymous with V-Day. But it's really a great breakfast treat for anytime, I mean I did make it 1 month before Valentines and it tasted just as good then. So yea, if your a fan of anything delicious and don't mind spending a whopping 10 minutes to make this decadent beauty then check out the recipe on the video below. Until next time my fellow sweet geeks!



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